Four Quebecois features have received the backing of Telefilm Canada, as the federal film and television support agency announced its first set of investment decisions through the Selective Component of the Canada Feature Film Fund (CFFF).

100% Bio. Directed by Claude Fortin and backed by Cinema Libre. A low-budget film about a filmmaker and a TV host, who decide to make a documentary on television.

Le Debut De La Fin. Backed by Film Tonic and from writer-director Louis Belanger, (Post Mortem). About the owner of a small-town gas station and the people who hang out there.

Nez Rouge. Backed by Christal Film, this romantic comedy pits a pretentious critic doing community service after a drunk-driving conviction against a critic-hating journalist. Directed by Erik Canuel.

Sur Le Seuil. The debut of Quebecois TV director Eric Tessier, this paranormal drama follows two psychiatrists who discover the diabolical sources that inspire a writer they are treating.

The CFFF includes two components: the performance-based component provides annual support for companies with box-office track records, while the selective component takes into consideration creative aspects, potential audience appeal, financing and corporate development.

The four films were selected the under the CFFF's selective component, out of 17 submissions.