Canadian public sector filminvestor Telefilm Canada has given the greenlight to four projects from Quebec,including films from Bernard Emond, whose 20h 16 Rue Darling screened in the Critics Week at Cannes 2003, and JeanBeaudin, who is currently wrapping the Canada-France historical epic NewFrance.

Emond's project, entitled JeanneEt Francois, tells the story ofwoman physician and a young orphan who meet at the most desperate times oftheir lives. Veteran filmmaker Beaudin's psychological thriller Sans Elle is set in Florence and Quebec. It follows a youngviolinist who is tortured by the disappearance of her mother and who, againstthe wishes of her family, decides to reopen the case

Robin Aubert, best known forhis television work, will be directing his second film, Saints-Martyrs-des-Damnes,which involves a journalist who isresearching a string of mysterious disappearances including potentially hisown.

Robert Morin's Et QueDieu Benisse l'Amerique is the storyof two police officers investigating a serial killer who is targeting sexualpredators whose names have been posted in public. Morin's other films include RequiemFor A Handsome Bastard and Windigo.