Public film financier Telefilm Canada is setting up an investment program for French-language filmmakers who work outside of the province of Quebec. The agency's new Official Languages Activities Program (OLA) will have a total of $1.88m (C$2.3m) to devote to the initiative.

While more than 80 per cent of French-speaking Canadians live in Quebec, the federal government's Ministry of Canadian Heritage is encouraging French cultural enrichment beyond the province, where the number of mother-tongue French speakers hovers around one million and population groups are widely dispersed. The initiative is sponsored by Telefilm's Quebec Office.

The primary objective is to increase the production of French-language feature films that have the potential to attract audiences while building the existing pool of creators outside Quebec. Further, the plan is to see a diverse selection of genres in the sub-market.

A selection committee will evaluate the projects but Telefilm will make the final decision as to funding, taking into consideration the producers' business record and the committee's recommendations. The first tranche of funding will be $410,000 (C$500,000).