French production house Telema has been ordered to pay $63,657 (Euros 50,000) indamages to each of three screenwriters who claimed their script was highjacked in order to produce hit 2001 film Tanguy.

Christophe Valee, Francois Villardand Philippe Barrassat contended they had shown ascript for Recherche Parents Desesperement to Telema,which then declined to make an offer. However, the court found that the scriptwas shown to director Etienne Chatilliez and that hisfinal work did resemble the original writing.

The court said that Telemaerred by not respecting civil responsibility in the matter of pre-contractualrelations. However, the court did not uphold a counterfeit claim brought by thescreenwriters. Despite basic resemblances between the two works, the courtfound that they weren't sufficient to discount the originality of Chatilliez's ultimate film.

Remake rights to Tanguywere purchased by Miramax in 2002.