Germany's Telepool has picked up international sales on The Mongolian Dog, the follow up film tobreak-out hit documentary The WeepingCamel. The film shoots from next month, but has already been pre-sold toFrance's ARP Selection and to Ascot Elite for Switzerland.

The picture by Mongolian director Byambasuren Davaa, heads aTelepool sales slate boosted by five new acquisitions.

The film examines the archaic relationship between man andnature. Mongolians believe that every dog was a human being in a previous lifeand will again be reincarnated in human form.

Made on a budget of Euros 600,000, the film is produced bySchoesch Filmproducktion, the Hochschuele and Fernseh und Film Muenchen.

Telepool has also grabbed MC One's The Nutcracker And The Mouse King, an animated feature based on theETA Hoffman tale and featuring the voice cast of Leslie Nielsen, Eric Idle andRobert Hays. The film gets its German release through Universal.

The seller has also picked up a trio which have hecommercial endorsement of Buena Vista as German distributor.

It is premiering Balls(Maenner Wie Wir) a gay soccer comedy directed by Sherry Horman. It alsohas Joachim Masannek's The Wild SoccerBunch (Wilde Kerle), a comedy about holidaying football players which hasscored over 900,000 admissions. It also has Matthias Gnaedinger's Sternenberg, a melodrama about a 69-year-old student fighting to save hisschool.