Malaysia’s Asia Tropical Films and Singapore’s Clover Films are co-producing the directorial debut of Hong Kong actor Chapman To, Let’s Eat (working title), with investment from Fox International Channels (FIC).

Chapman To will also star in the $1.3m (S$1.8m) foodie comedy drama along with Hong Kong actress Aimee Chan, C-Kwan from Hong Kong hip-hop duo FAMA and local stars Lo Hoi Pang, Tommy Kuan, Daphne Low and Patricia Mok.

Production starts on September 8 in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.

To plays the head chef of a failing restaurant who teams with the owner’s daughter (Aimee Chan) to restore the establishment to its former glory.

Cathay-Keris Films will handle theatrical release of the film in Singapore during the Chinese New Year holiday in February 2016. GSC Movies will release the film in Malaysia around the same period. Clover Films will handle international distribution.