Heading into the AmericanFilm Market, French sales outfit TF1 International will be featuring an eclecticslate of new films including a one-two punch in very different styles fromdirector Gilles Paquet-Brenner.

The first, a follow up to2003's successful action-comedy Gomez&Tavares, is Payoff 2, directed byPaquet-Brenner and Cyril Sebaswith a cast that includes Stomy Bugsy,Titoff, Jean Benguigui and Noemie Lenoir.

The buddy movie will bereleased by SND in June in France and is produced by HugoFilms, Entre Chien et Loup, SND and M6 Films.

The first film scored nearly1 million admissions in France and was a stronginternational seller for TF1.

A second effort from thesame director is the psychological thriller UV. Recalling Jacques Deray's La Piscineand Francois Ozon's Swimming Pool, the film is set in a villa in the south of France where a vacationing familyis charmed by the wiles of a stranger. The cast includes Jacques Dutronc, Laura Smet, Pascal Elbeand Marthe Keller. TFM will release the film nextyear.

Other films in the line-upinclude Treasured Island from director Alain Berberian and starring Gerard Jugnot,Alice Taglioni and Jean-Paul Rouve.The pirate-themed action comedy will be released by Bac in France in June 2007.

There is strong remakepotential for Poltergay from Eric Lavaine,which has recently been released locally. Cesar award winners Clovis Cornillac and Julie Depardieu switch to high-concept comedyto play a married couple who move into a new home only to find that thebasement housed a gay nightclub in the 70s and that the ghosts of five of theclubbers still roam the house.

Among other major titles onthe line up, White Tuft, The Little Beaver by Philippe Calderon will be ready inthe summer of 2007. TF1 is looking to complete pre-sales on the picture whichis being shot in French and in English and tells the adventures of a beaverfamily in the Canadian woods.

Starring real animals andusing new technology, the film hopes to capitalise on the trend towardswildlife fiction and the success of Calderon's The Besieged Fortress which TheWeinstein Company is handing in the US.