TF1International is launching sales here on wildlife feature White Tuft, TheLittle Beaver.

Thefilm is directed by Philippe Calderon whose The Besieged Fortress will be released in France by TFM Distribution nextmonth and screened here for buyers yesterday.

Afamily film using real animals, White Tuft is set in northern California and follows the livesof two beavers over a period of seasons until one of their young is lost in theforest. The couple search frantically for the young beaver who is ultimatelyrescued by an unlikely ally.

Deliveryis set for winter 2007/8 with TFM Distribution in France and Alliance AtlantisVivafilm handling Canada. The film is a production of Les Films du Reve, CiteAmerique, TF1 International, Francois Calderon and Louis Laverdiere.

TF1 is also selling Alatriste, the Spanish swashbuckler starring Viggo Mortensenwhich screens on Tuesday here in Special Presentations as well as two new films- El Camino De San Diego directedby Carolos Sorin and Sandra Kogut's Mutum.