PrinceChatrichalerm Yuko's Naresuan, thefollow-up to his 2001 historical epic TheLegend of Suriyothai, has resumed shooting after a six-month break tocomplete the extravagant set in Thailand's Kanchanaburi province.

The $12m (THB500)film - the most expensive Thai picture ever - is 100% funded by the Thaigovernment to mark the birthday of the Queen of Thailand.

Representing morethan half of the production budget, the permanent set takes up a vast area of2.4m square metres. The film is set in the time of Naresuan, a 16thcentury warrior king who restored the Ayutthaya kingdom's independence fromBurmese occupation.

'We've spent considerable time in studyingthe costumes and architecture of the time. Ancient palaces, temples andvillages are meticulously recreated according to historical records,' saysKunakorn Sethi, managing director of Prommitr Production and producer of both Naresuan and Suriyothai.

Unlike the setfor Suriyothai which was built onrented property and had to be demolished after filming, Sethi adds thatPrommitr owns the Naresuan set andaims to turn it into a film industry city which both foreign and localproductions can make use of as a shooting location. This is in line with theThai government's promotion of the country as a shooting location.

Naresuan is expected to finish shooting next February and due for a mid-yeardelivery. While no international sales have been signed yet, Promittr has beenin talks with Sahamongkolfilm for the Thai distribution rights.

Suriyothai, which distributed through Sahamongkolfilm, was thehighest grossing film ever in Thailand with a take of $12m.