Thailand's Five Star isunveiling its latest project at AFM - Muay Thai Chaiya, a $2m action drama written and to be directed byKongkait Komesiri.

Shooting is scheduled tostart in the second week of November for delivery next May.

Set in both Chaiya insouthern Thailand and Bangkok, the picture follows three close friends whotravel from a small town to Bangkok, striving to win the grand contest for thebest Thai fighter.

The picture will featurethe ancient Chaiya style of Muay Thai which was initially created forbattlefields with graceful yet deadly moves. The action sequences will bechoreographed by a Muay Thai Chaiya master.

Kongkait's most recentcredit is as the screenwriter for Wisit Sasanatieng's love horror film TheUnseeable which opens this Thursdayin Thailand. Known for his visual dazzle, Wisit serves as art director on MuayThai Chaiya and a trailer which hecolour-corrected will be presented at AFM.

The project is the firstsolo directorial debut of Kongkait who previously collaborated with sixdirectors on the black magic horror Art of the Devil 2 which has been sold to over 30 territories andbecame the top Thai film in Malaysia.

Kongkait also penned Artof the Devil 2 as well as co-wroteApichatpong Weerasethakul's Mysterious Object at Noon, Thanit Jitnukul's Bang Rajan and Tony Jaa vehicle Ong Bak which featured a different form of Muay Thaifighting.