Jose Luis Cuerda’s The Blind Sunflowers has picked up 15 nominations for the 23rd Goya awards, more than double the number of any other film.

Cuerda’s Franco era drama, which has already been put forward as Spain’s entry for the Oscars, has been nominated for best picture, best director, best adapted script, best actor and actress for Raul Arevalo and Maribel Verdu respectively, and best cinematography, among others.

Cuerda is keen for the film to gain as much recognition as possible. ‘I want the largest number of people all over the world to see this film, because I believe it is worthwhile knowing the reality it depicts,’ the director told Screendaily.

Javier Fesser’s religious drama Camino and Jose Luis Garci’s historical and political drama Sangre De Mayo both picked up seven nominations, while Alex de la Iglesia’s English-language murder mystery The Oxford Murders garnered five nominations.

The nominations were announced today at the municipal congress palace in Madrid. Screen has listed below the nominees in the leading categories. To see the full list go to

Best Film

- Camino, Dir: Javier Fesser

- The Oxford Murders, Dir: Álex De La Iglesia

- The Blind Sunflowers, Dir: Jose Luis Cuerda

-Solo Quiero Caminar, Dir: Agustin Diaz Yanes

Best Director

- Javier Fesser, Camino

- Álex De La Iglesia, The Oxford Murders

- Jose Luis Cuerda, The Blind Sunflowers

- Agustin Diaz Yanes, Solo Quiero Caminar

Best New Director

- Belen Macias, El Patio De Mi Cárcel

- Santiago A. Zannou, El Truco Del Manco

- Nacho Vigalondo, Los Cronocrimenes

- Irene Cardona Bacas, Un Novio Para Yasmina

Best Original script

- Javier Fesser, Camino

- Dionisio Perez, Jose Antonio Quiros E Ignacio Del Moral, Cenizas Del Cielo

- Chus Gutierrez and Juan Carlos Rubio, Retorno A Hansala

- Agustin Diaz Yanes, Solo Quiero Caminar

Best Adapted Script

- Peter Buchman, Che: The Argentine

- Jorge Guerricaechevarria and Álex De La Iglesia, The Oxford Murders

- Rafael Azcona and Jose Luis Cuerda, The Blind Sunflowers

- Ángeles González-Sinde, Una Palabra Tuya

Best actor

- Benicio Del Toro, Che: The Argentine

- Javier Cámara, Chef’s Special

- Raúl Arevalo, The Blind Sunflowers

- Diego Luna, Solo Quiero Caminar

Best Supporting Actor

- Jordi Dauder, Camino

- Fernando Tejero, Chef’s Special

- Jose Ángel Egido, The Blind Sunflowers

- Jose Maria Yazpik, Solo Quiero Caminar

Best actress

- Carme Elias, Camino

- Veronica Echegui, El Patio De Mi Cárcel

- Maribel Verdú, Los Girasoles Ciegos

- Ariadna Gil, Solo Quiero Caminar

Best Supporting Actress

- Elvira Minguez, Cobardes

- Rosana Pastor, The Escorial Conspiracy

- Tina Sainz, Sangre De Mayo

- Penelope Cruz, Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Honoroary Goya

Jesús Franco