As an additional boost to film-makers, this year Rome is combining its two strongest industry initiatives.

New Cinema Network and the more informal The Business Street market are overlapping by one day so buyers on hand for the market can meet film-makers participating in the New Cinema Network.

'Last year many international sales companies wanted to know about the projects we present in the network,' Teresa Cavina, who co-curates the Rome Film Fest's competition selection with Giorgio Gosetti explains. This year, buyers looking for films to co-produce or distribute will have greater access to projects.

As with the New Cinema Network, there is a specific philosophy behind The Business Street. Instead of aiming to fill Mifed's old autumn slot with a powerhouse market, Gosetti says 'it is a very friendly informal platform in which you can meet 300 key people'.

For this, he says, 'we didn't need booths, we just needed a terrace'.

Managed by Sylvain Auzou and Diamara Parodi, The Business Street operates on the rooftop terrace of the Bernini Hotel on Via Veneto.

This year it runs from October 18-21. There will be a few changes at this year's event, including a second terrace at the via Veneto venue and a new video library sponsored by Rai Trade.

Meanwhile, screening rooms located at the Barberini and Fiamma cinemas (just below the Bernini hotel venue) will be reduced from 13 last year to eight this year. Auzou says this will make the event 'more balanced and matched'.

In 2006, 240 buyers and sellers attended, excluding Italians, and Auzou expects 20%-40% more for this edition.