Korean sales company TheCore Studio has sold two titles to Thailand's WPM -black comedy actionpicture No Mercy For The Rude andLee Myung-Se's new project M.

No Mercy For The Rude, about a killer who abides by his own rules to onlykill rude people, recently premiered at the Vancouver International FilmFestival. Core Studio sold North American rights to The Weinstein Company onthe eve of the AFM and is in talks with several US studios for a remake deal aswell.

Melodrama M, starring Gang Dongwon, started shooting this weekand will be completed by late summer 2007.

The Core Studio also concludeda deal with J-Bics for Thai rights to Zig Zag Love, a romantic comedy scheduled for release nextJanuary.

Bystanders, a thriller pic starring Yunjin Kim (Lost) was sold to Singapore-based company Innoform Media.