A young jockey who loses his only brother in a tragic racing accident just days before Australia’s iconic Melbourne Cup in 2002, suffers through a series of discouraging defeats only to triumph in one of the most thrilling sporting finales ever.

Prod company  The Cup Pty Ltd

Backers  Screen Australia, private investors

Budget  A$15 6 million

Executive producers  Greg Sitch, Lance Hool, Joel Pearlman

Producers  Simon Wincer, Jan Bladier, David Lee

Intl sales  Myriad

Aust/NZ Distribution  Roadshow

Director  Simon Wincer

Screenplay  Eric O’Keefe, Simon Wincer

DoP  David Eggby

Editor  David Pulbrook

Production design  Lisette Thomas

Cast  Stephen Curry

Locations  Melbourne

Shooting dates February-April 2010

Contact  Shirley Hardy-Rix, publicist, +61 3 9842 9740, shirley@hardyrix com au