Fox International's TheDay After Tomorrow grossed an estimated $82.7m at the weekend internationalbox office, thundering across the globe with the kind of elemental ferocitythat defines Roland Emmerich's effects-laden story.

Executives at the distributorsaid the amount was the biggest international opening of all time for anon-sequel, adding that the figure included some previews. Adding in the $70mdomestic bow, the picture amassed an estimated $150m-plus at the worldwide boxoffice.

The Day After Tomorrow blazed adevastating trail and opened number one in most markets. It took $12.6m on 914screens in the UK for the biggest opening of the year and Fox's fourth biggestever and $8.9m on 991 in Germany, which was also the biggest of the year.

It took $5.6m on 850 inMexico for Fox's biggest ever opening and the industry's second biggest bowbehind Spider-Man, and $1.7m on 496 in Brazil for Fox's biggest and theindustry's seventh biggest ever bows. Argentina produced $562,000 on 90.

Spain produced $5.4m on 475for Fox's second biggest and the industry's 10th biggest ever bows,Australia yielded $4.8m on 402 and Russia produced a massive $3.3m on 243 inRussia for Fox's biggest all-time bow there.

France yielded $4.9m on 726,Italy produced $4.2m on 594, Belgium produced the biggest opening of the yearon $1.1m on 95, Holland yielded $1.2m on 110 and Sweden took $1.2m on 100.Austria took $1.3m on 111 and Switzerland took $1.2m on 106.

Results in Asia were equallyimpressive. The Day After Tomorrow scored $3m on 248 in Taiwan, tookjust under $2m on 220 in China for Fox's biggest ever bow and an all-time topfive industry opening, recorded the all-time industry record opening in HongKong on $1.8m on 65, took $1.5m on 240 in Thailand and $1m on 148 in thePhilippines.

India produced $573,000 on153 for Fox's second biggest bow ever and the industry's eighth, Malaysiaproduced Fox's biggest opening on $665,000 on 92 and Indonesia yielded $282,000on 67 for the distributor's second and the industry's eighth biggest ever bows.

In the smaller LatinAmerican markets Uruguay produced Fox's biggest ever opening on $47,000 on 12,Venezuela yielded $325,000 on 70 for Fox's second biggest and the industry'sthird biggest bows of all time and Colombia produced Fox's second and theindustry's seventh biggest bows ever on $401,000 on 110.

The picture opens in Japanon Jun 5, however Fox recorded its third biggest ever one-day preview behind StarWars Episodes 1 and 2 as the picture took a useful $1.7m on 422.