GiuseppeTornatore's La Sconosciuta and Martin Scorsese'sThe Departed could be among thetitles that will screen at the first edition of the Rome Film Festival (Oct13-21).

Accordingto industry gossip - but without any confirmation from Rome organisers - titlesthat could be heading to Rome also include Ridley Scott's A Good Year and Mira Nair's The Namesake.

Onthe Italian front, in addition to La Sconosciuta, Rome could be a shoo-in forPaolo Virzi's comedy N, which stars Daniel Auteuil and Monica Bellucci.

"Weare looking for big European premieres - although world premieres are evenbetter. But we are also focusing on films from directors who will get aninternational boost from the festival," said Rome director Giorgio Gosetti.

Gosetti admits convincing producers to give a film to anew festival hasn't always been an easy ride. But he says that Rome's cinema heritage meansmost producers and sellers have welcomed the festival with open arms.

"Theywere often surprised that it was only the first edition," he said."And a lot of directors and producers are really happy to support afestival that is just starting."

TheRome Film Festival will unveil its full line-up in September.