Danish stuntman-turned-filmmaker Lasse Spang Olsen and actor Kim Bodnia have joined forces to set up their own production outfit, Endaxi Film, to make the action comedy The Good Cop.

This is a continuation of the working relationship they have had on three films, the two successful action-comedies In China They Eat Dogs (1999) and Old Men In New Cars (2002) as well as the pirate family adventure Jolly Roger (2001).

Written by the duo, the low-budget $1.6m (DKR10.2m) film will be shot without support from the Danish Film Institute, but with private investment and support from distributor Sandrew Metronome. It will be produced by newcomer Nina Lyng in collaboration with ASA Film veteran Henrik Moeller-Soerensen, who acts as executive producer.

Bodnia will play the lead as a middle-aged police officer working the streets of Copenhagen his own way. He tries to protect the smalltime crooks he surrounds himself with, but one day a failed heist puts all of them in bigger trouble than they can handle.

The film has attracted an impressive cast of some of the most sought after local talents including Iben Hjejle, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Nicolas Bro, Robert Hansen, Line Kruse, Thomas Bo Larsen and Rikke Louise Andersson as well as the award-winning veteran Jens Okking and Rene Dif from the Danish pop-sensation Aqua in his acting debut.

The Good Cop shoots on location in Copenhagen from Oct 20 until Nov 28, and distributor Sandrew Metronome aims for an April 2004 release.