The Argentinian Academy ofFilm Arts and Sciences awarded Alejandro Doria's The Hands (Las Manos) with eight Sur prizes, including best film,director, actor (Jorge Marrale) and actress (Graciela Borges), at a gala heldin Buenos Aires on Tuesday.

The local Academy, comprisedof 222 renowned professionals (directors, producers, screenwriters, actors andtechnicians), also named Rodrigo Moreno's El Custodio as the best first film of 2006.

Based on the true story offather Mario Pantaleo, a priest born in Italy who emigrated to Argentina andwho had power in his hands to cure real diseases, The Hands has sold more than 240,000 tickets since its Augustrelease.

Daniel Burman's FamilyLaw, which has been named by thesame organisation as the local submission for the foreign language filmcategory at next year's Academy Awards and was one of the favourites at theceremony, only won in the original script category.

Complete awards list:

Best film: The Hands
Best Director: Alejandro Doria TheHands
Best first film: El Custodio
Best actor: Jorge Marrale TheHands
Best actress: Graciela Borges TheHands
Best supporting actor: NazarenoCasero Chronicle of an Escape
Best supporting actress: MariaFernanda Callejon Sofa-bed
Best original script: Daniel Burman Family Law
Best adapted script: Mateo Gil andMarcelo Pineyro The Method
Best new actor: Nazareno Casero Chronicleof an Escape
Best new actress: Marina Vilte A Star and Two Coffees
Best cinematography: Hugo Colace A Star and Two Coffees
Best editing: Marcela Saenz The Hands
Best art direction: Margarita Jusid The Hands
Best costume design: Beatriz Di Benedetto The Hands
Best original music: Ivan Wyszogrod Chronicle of an Escape
Best sound: Jorge Stavropulos The Hands and A Star and Two Coffees
Best foreign film: Woody Allen's Match Point