Anyregular attendee of Cinema Expo International knows that Monday has becomeknown as UIP day. This year was no different, although CineExpo'sBob Sunshine introduced the beginning of the UIP presentation yesterday as'the end of an era' as chairman and CEO Stewart Till and presidentand COO Andrew Cripps prepared to deliver the last UIPproduct reel the exposition will enjoy prior to the company's restructuring atthe end of the year.

UIP'sinvolvement in the day had in fact started slightly earlier in the afternoonwith delegates treated to an extended early view of AardmanAnimation and DreamWorks Animation's autumn release Flushed Away. Guided through the clips by the redoubtable JeffreyKatzenberg, the footage was met with a great response from the audience ofexhibitors, suggesting the Wallace & Gromitcreators may have hit gold again.

StewartTill kicked off the UIP product reel with an new extended trailer of Miami Vice which, he revealed, wouldreceive 'a blockbuster level campaign' when it begins itsinternational roll-out with Russia (August 3) and the UK (August 4). Tillmentioned part of this would include the attachment of this new trailer infront of next month's Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, and that stars ColinFarrell and Jamie Foxx would be on hand for European premieres in the UK and Germany on July 27 and 28 respectively.

A verypositive response greeted the trailer for Al Gore global warming documentary AnInconvenient Truth, with several distributors later commenting on it as ahighlight. Andrew Cripps told the audience that, following Gore's high-profilepresence with the film in Cannes in May, Gore would also besupporting the film at festivals in Edinburgh, Deauville and San Sebastian later in the year.

A favouriteamongst distributors also appeared to be TheHoliday. Director Nancy Meyers had put together a special extended trailerof the romantic comedy especially for the exposition. The winter holiday film,starring Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jude Law andJack Black, was described by one leading exhibitor as 'perfect forChristmas' and 'Working Title without Working Title'.

Speaking ofWorking Title, leading the response in the auditorium was Joe Carnahan's Smokin' Aces. The film may not have been aswell known prior to Cinema Expo as other of UIP'sproduct reel but the high-octane trailer was met with whoops and cheers. BenAffleck, Ray Liotta and Alicia Keys star.

Thedelegates also got a chance to see extended footage of Oliver Stone's World Trade Centerwhich was met by strong applause. One exhibitor later described it as'very powerful' and 'the best footage so far'.

Alsoincluded in the UIP reel was a new teaser trailer for Transformers (releasing in North America for Independence Day 2007) andseveral scenes of the late 2006/early 2007 family title Charlotte's Web.

Setting thebar high for other distributors to follow, however, UIP would not go outwithout a few special surprises in their last year. Till's presentation wasinterrupted by Katzenberg with Bruce Willis in tow - in town for Over The Hedge'sDutch premiere - who thanked the exhibitors for their continued support. TheUIP sponsored dinner was then accompanied by Nacho Libre-style Mexican wrestlinginterspersed by strip acts.