UK members club The Hospital is launching a new initiative, The Hospital club 100, to search for the most powerful movers and shakers in London's media and creative industries, including film.

Voting is open to anyone in the publishing industry and The Hospital seeks to uncover unsung heroes and emerging talents.

Nominations can be made at from May 5. A longlist will be announce in June and the final shortlist will be announced in July with an awards ceremony.

The Hospital Club's head of communications Juliet Haygarth, said: 'We instituted the ranking partly as a reaction to the hundreds of lists that only measure power by the size of a person's office. This is about the people who have a direct impact on what is shaping our culture today, and not just the CEOs who are automatically accredited with all the glory. This gives young professionals the chance to speak up for those in their industry and attribute the recognition to those who really deserve it. Everyone's opinion counts.'