Spanish title The Nameless, directed by Jaume Balaguero, was awarded the Golden Raven at the 18th Brussels Festival of Fantasy, Thriller and Science Fiction Films (March 17 - April 1).

The prize includes $25,000 (BFr1m) towards the film's domestic or international promotion. The Nameless has previously picked up the European Fantasy Film Festival Federation's Golden Melies award in 1999.

Meanwhile, two Silver Ravens, the special jury prizes, went to Stephen Elliot's UK thriller Eye Of The Beholder and Dean Parisot's Galaxy Quest, a US sci-fi action comedy which also won the Pegasus award as audience favourite.

The Silver Melies for Best European Fantasy Film went to Anders Ronnow-Klarlund's Dutch medical thriller Possessed. The award nominates it for next year's Golden Melies, which will be handed out at the FantasPorto in Porto, Portugal.

The European Jury also granted a Special Mention to Andrey Slabakoff's Wagner from Bulgaria "for the surprising and unique combination of music, humour and superb acting as well as its authentic tribute to human dignity."