Benoit Pilon's The Necessities Of Life received eight nominations and Yves-Christian Fornier's Everything Is Fine received seven as the Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television announced the contenders for the 29th annual Genie Awards. Necessities Of Life was Canada's submission for the foreign-language Oscar.

The two Quebecois titles were followed closely by other multiple nominees including Paul Gross's WWI epic Passchendaele, Richie Mehta's Amal, Jeremy Podeswa's Fugitive Pieces and Lea Pool's Mommy Is At The Hairdresser's with six each. The race for Best Motion Picture features The Necessities Of Life, Everything Is Fine, Passchendaele and Amal as well as Carl Bessai's Normal.

Gross, Podeswa and Poole were overlooked in the Best Direction category which was narrowed down to Mehta for Amal, Pilon for Necesities Of Life and Fornier for Everything Is Fine, Bessai for Normal and Lyne Charlebois for Borderline.

Gross was tipped for Best Actor alongside Amal's Rupinder Nagra and Necessities' Nata Ungalaaq. Joining the fray is Christopher Plummer for Emotional Arithmetic and Aaron Poole for This Beautiful City.

Best Actress nominees Preity Zinta for Heaven On Earth, Isabelle Blais for Borderline and Marianne Fortier for Mommy Is At The Hairdresser's were joined by two US performers, Susan Sarandon for Emotional Arithmetic and Ellen Burstyn for The Stone Angel.

Supporting Actor nods went to Normand D'Amour for Everything Is Fine, Benoit McGinnis for Le Banquet, Callum Keith Rennie for Normal, Rade Sherbedgia for Fugitive Pieces and Max Von Sydow for Emotional Arithmetic.

Original Screenplay nominees were Emond for Necessities, Deepa Mehta for Heaven On Earth, Travis McDonald for Normal, Randall Cole for Real Time and Guillaume Vigneault for Everything Is Fine.

Adapted nominees were Podeswa for Fugitive Pieces, Marie-Sissi Labreche and Lyne Charlebois for Borderline and Richie Mehta and Shaun Mehta for Amal.

Nominees for Best Documentary were Guy Maddin's My Winnipeg, Yung Chang's Up The Yangtze and Jean-Claude Labrecque's Infiniment Quebec.

The awards ceremony will be held on April 4 in Ottawa.