Free Tottenham screening to employ young people from Broadwater Farm.

The Other Cinema, the new initiative from Future Cinema, will run screenings of Mattheu Kassovitz’s La Haine in London and Paris in May.

This second edition of The Other Cinema will show the film, about urban youth, with a live score by Asian Dub Foundation.

The 1995 black-and-white film is about young men in a French suburban ghetto. The cast includes Vincent Cassel.

The screenings, which will be offered globally, will kick off in London on May 2 (on the eve of the mayoral election) and in Paris on May 5 (on the eve of the presidential election). The London screenings will include a free offering for local residents at Broadwater Farm in Tottenham, followed by a May 4 screening at the Troxy in Limehouse (also home to Future Cinema’s Bugsy Malone events.)

The Other Cinema will employ young people from Broadwater Farm to work on the screening and then help them to continue running The Other Cinema in their communities.

Fabien Riggall, Creative Director and Founder of The Other Cinema, said: “We believe access to cinema should be available to all and we want to empower young people interested in film to take action and create their own cinemas in their neighborhoods. ‘La Haine’ is one of the most truthful and inspiring films about youth culture which we feel is hugely relevant today. We are very excited to be working with Isaac to bring The Other Cinema to Broadwater Farm.”