Horror remake The Ring enjoyed a host of powerful openings across Europe last weekend grossing over $14m from the 21 international territories currently playing it.

Launching in seven new territories The Ring took top chart positions in the UK, Iceland and the Netherlands. It also scored the highest screen averages of the week in Italy, Norway and Sweden despite missing pole position in those territories.

A remake of 1998 Japanese title Ringu, directed by Hideo Nakata, The Ring is released in most international territories by UIP. In the UK and Ireland the film went straight to the top of the chart taking $3m (£1.9m) in its opening three days ($3.5m with previews) from 396 sites.

The Netherlands saw The Ring take $536,312 (Euro 496,089) in its opening four-day weekend from 52 screens for a mighty $10,314 average per screen. Including previews the film has a cumulative score of $589,121.

In Iceland, where it is distributed by Haskolabio, the film took $40,395 (ISK 3.1m) off just three screens over its first three-day weekend. With previews the Icelandic total stands at $47,782.

The Ring had to settle for second place in Italy where it was beaten by local hit Remember Me. However the horror title's $2m launch at 221 screens gave it a superior screen average of $9,242 compared to Remember Me's $5,275 average from 441 screens.

Likewise the fourth place received in Norway with $118,377 (NKR 826,861) from 21 screens did not stop The Ring boasting the highest screen average of the weekend ($5,637). Similarly in Sweden it placed third with $308,923 (SKR 2.6m) but showed the strongest average of the week with $8,130 from 38 screens. The Ring also opened in Portugal at the weekend where it grossed $165,921 from 37 screens.

The Ring has grossed over $66m from international territories to date, including those not handled by UIP. These include Japan where the remake grossed $14.5m - nearly twice the Japanese take of the locally produced original.

The remake took $128.6m in North America for DreamWorks SKG. It is directed by Gore Verbinski and stars Naomi Watts and Martin Henderson.