Big-budget Hong Kong action-adventure, The Touch has wrapped up a number of additional sales, but has hit a snag with delivery of the final version to Miramax for the US.

In the days since Mifed, Sabrina Chen, sales chief at the film's principal backer Han Entertainment, has inked key distribution deals with Scanbox for Scandinavia and with Deal for France. A deal for Japan is understood to be imminent.

The French deal is particularly significant for Han as the original licensee M6, which bought in at the pre-production stage, backed out earlier this year after a dispute concerning price and casting.

The Peter Pau-directed film, which marks the production premiere of actress Michelle Yeoh's Mythical Films and is the first from the stable of Thomas Chung's Han Entertainment, quickly found a North American buyer in Miramax over a year ago. But, although The Touch opened theatrically in parts of Asia in July, Miramax has yet to take delivery.

According to sources close to Miramax, delivery has been "postponed", pending further work on the special effects. Chung said: "Miramax still very much wants the film," and says delivery will take place four months from now.

"Some of the computer graphics in the 'trap cave' in the last ten minutes are not up to the standard I want. This is our first film. It is not only a matter of pride, but also a question of improving something that is our copyright and will outlive any licence agreement."

Han is understood to have switched to a new post-production house, Central, in Hong Kong for the revisions