Auteur theory goes viral…with an emphasis on cats and fart jokes.

The likelihood of Michael Haneke picking up an Academy Award nomination for his acclaimed Cannes winning film Amour is being boosted by an unlikely source…the Twitter account of one ‘Michael Haneke,’ who has more than 2,500 followers.

Lest there be any confusion, though the Twitter picture is certainly of Haneke, the Austrian auteur isn’t the one behind the regular tweets. But twittering film folk around the world are growing to love this faux-Haneke’s very-regular words of wisdom as he expounds not only on his own films but also on the works of others.

Some recent examples of @Michael_Haneke Twitter comments (which include an odd obsession with farts, though tend to always end with and ‘lol’) include….

- just found out wot the word auteur means. thanx evry1 lol

- in case ur thinkn of rentn it, iron lady is NOT iron man wiv a woman. its sum borin film with the girl from river wild shoutin lots lol

- i honestly cant remembr makin time of the wolfs. was that the one with the guy from spin city playin basktbl lol

- to keep the mood lite on set i make evry1 watch werner hurtsog interviews inbtwn takes lol

- izzy huppert had such bad farts durin piano teacher that 4 crew ppl were sent to hospital with fart poisoning lol

- british ppl, put down ur yorkster puddings n ur bad teeth n go see “this years best film about havin strokes” lol

- if ur sik of foreign words then u shud check out my film funny games 2 starrin naomi wotts, the girl from ring 2 lol