In Moscow, Russian director Oleg Fomin has concluded production on The Very Best Film 2, the sequel to the No. 2 box-office hit in Russia this year.

Buena Vista Sony Pictures Releasing (BVSPR) will release the film Jan 22, according to Russian Film Business Today.

The Very Best Film, directed by Kirill Kuzin, has grossed nearly $30m since its Jan 24 release -- $16.5m its opening weekend, a box-office record for Russia and the CIS. The film also captured Screen International's international box office crown when it opened, accounting for 9% of the international top 40 revenue.

While Caroprokat released The Very Best Film in 790 copies, BVSPR is aiming slightly higher for the sequel, releasing 800 copies in the same January slot.

The film is a spoof of recent Russian television shows and box-office hits, including Nikita Mikhalkov's 12 and Timur Bekmambetov's The Irony Of Fate: The Sequel. It features some of the same actors seen in the first film and many well-known Russian celebrities in walk-on roles.

The Very Best Film 2 is produced by Monumental Pictures and Comedy Club Production. Producers are Garik Khalamov, who plays a leading role in the film; Artak Gasparyan, one of the producers on The Very Best Film; Michael Schlicht, head of BVSPR; and Paul Heth.