January 2

Hollywood starts '09 with little to celebrate - LA Times
Fantasy films flicked off Hollywood list - New Zealand Herald
Could 2009 be the year of 3-D' - The Guardian

January 3

Hollywood starts '09 with little to celebrate - LA Times

January 4

Slumdog Millionaire' producer on adventures in film - Financial Times
Universal Sells Rogue for $150 Million - The New York Times

January 5

Hollywood banks on lucrative 2009 - BBC
Even in Narnia, profits beat prophets - The Guardian
Hollywood's Superheroes Save the Day - The New York Times
3D games and films to launch in living rooms - Financial Times

January 6

Blu-ray's moment in the sun may be brief - The Age
Apple to end music restrictions - BBC
Benicio Del Toro on 'Che' - Time Out
Hollywood banks on foreign aid - The Australian
Why everyone lies about their movie's budget - LA Times

January 7

Interactive Film Gives Editing Tools to You - Wired
There may be a way out of the film-distribution logjam - Nashville Scene
Highbrow films (such as 'Frost/Nixon') wait and see - LA Times
Detroit suburb could get movie production complex - Business Week
Fatalist attraction: 2009's multiplex downers - The Guardian

January 8

2000AD is perfect for Hollywood's brooding mood - The Guardian
Disney Focuses on Boys - The Wall Street Journal
Based on a true story... - BBC

January 9

New standard for home entertainment networks - Financial Times
The Co-Pilot of 'Slumdog' - The Wall Street Journal
Sony's 3-D Dreams - Forbes

January 10

Black Directors Look Beyond Their Niche - The New York Times

January 11

Actors union moderates move to oust chief negotiator - LA Times

January 12

Is Hollywood ready for the new Depression' - LA Times
Hollywood finds headaches in its big bet on 3-D - IHT.com
Blu-ray disc sales soar - San Jose Mercury
HDi tech could bring high-speed video downloads to all - Telegraph

January 13

Film making in Tower Hamlets - The Guardian
SAG Nears Decision on Chief Negotiator in Contract Talks - WSJ
Actors strike vote to move ahead; timing unclear - AP

January 15

Ross to host Bafta movie awards - BBC
The return of the 'Dad Movie' - Time Out
Blockbuster downloads CinemaNow for video delivery - AP

January 16

Internet piracy regulations planned - Financial Times
Hollywood poised to cut movie stars' pay - Financial Times
Slumdog could only have been made by a westerner - The Guardian
Warner Bros and Fox settle 'Watchmen' copyright dispute - LA Times

January 17

SAG board members spurn Allen gambit - LA Times
Hollywood poised to cut movie stars' pay - Financial Times
Slumdog could only have been made by a westerner - The Guardian
Warner Bros and Fox settle 'Watchmen' copyright dispute - LA Times
Spielberg forced to dip into bank account - AP

January 18

SAG board members spurn Allen gambit - LA Times

January 19

How the movies made a president - The New York Times
Universal Pictures looks beyond Tinseltown - Financial Times
Streep slams ageism in film sector - Press Association
SAG: Is leadership more divided than ever' - Entertainment Weeky

January 20

Dollars pour in as film industry enjoys boom time - The Age
Top-end tax bias slated - The Age
Asia's crouching cinematic tiger - The Guardian

January 21

Screen Actors Guild faction steps up pressure to oust leader - LA Times

Will Barack Obama make Hollywood more colorblind' - LA Times

January 22

Warner Brothers cut 800 jobs as recession bites - Financial Times
Carmike Cinemas' Michael Patrick steps down - The Associated Press
What Christians watch - The Wall Street Journal
Hitchcock's cameos compared to today's directors - The Guardian

January 23

Bollywood improving in animation, special effects - Technology

From food court to box office - The New York Times

Move over movie vampires: Werewolf pack is back - USA Today

Sony (SNE): the disadvantages of being a conglomerate - Market Watch

January 24

Actors union loses support for strike vote - The Associated Press

To regain populist footing, Oscars need a hero - The Associated Press

The view: why Hollywood still owes Edgar Allan Poe - The Guardian

January 25

Pirate-sharing films throttle Hollywood - Sunday Times

Movies sell slowly at Sundance - The New York Times

Fierce infighting at a pivotal time for SAG - LA Times

January 26

Movies suddenly seem a conservative investment - The New York Times
Studios knows: 'Horror Sells' - The New York Times

January 27

SAG board members move to oust chief negotiator - LA Times

US claims win over China at WTO - Fiancial Times

At a pivotal point in movie history - The Wall Street Journal

Netflix profit jumps 45% as expenses decline- Market Watch

Marvel sued for $750m in movie profits - The Associated Press

Bollywood busts out - Forbes

January 28

SAG's White seeks to heal wounds - LA Times

'Rain Man' director pushes for Md. film incentives - The Associated Press

The Arts Council' decision very well timed - The Guardian

Movie production incentives to help New York - The New York Times

Film channel has name, but no network carrier - The New York Times

Are one in five Netflix subscribers watching online' - All Things Digital

Oscar organisation seeks to block ticket sales - USA Today

January 29

Sandy Climan, Hollywood's 3-D man - Business Week

Actors, studios to return to negotiating table - LA Times

Fox agrees to step in on next 'Narnia' movie - LA Times

Spielberg closes in on debt financing - LA Times

Streaming of movies grows dramatically - USA Today

January 30

Bollywood 'Slumdog' challenges tradition - Financial Times

Touching the void - The Guardian

Is Man On Wire a heist movie' - The Guardian

Piracy, controversy mar Slumdog's India run - Reuters

Big studio films go for some Super exposure - USA Today

'Sex And The City 2'' Traders bid yes - The Wall Street Journal

Raiders of the lost taxpayer - The Wall Street Journal

Hollywood's dark night - Forbes