March 2

A fine pickle- The Guardian

Hollywood loves foreigners, so long as...- The Guardian

In Downturn, Americans Flock to the Movies - New York Times

Is this a new golden age for British cinema' - The Guardian

Feature film woes to have happy ending- The Australian

Indian movies hit a low, post-Dog- The Australian

March 3

A plea to keep cameras rolling in New York- New York Times

Hollywoodgoes to Tehran- The Guardian

Will 'Watchmen' be big enough' - LA Times

Canadian Film Fest cancelled as sponsor pulls out - Globe And Mail

'Old Partner' stirs controversy as it breaks new ground- Yonhap News

Catholic League targets Da Vinci Code prequel- The Guardian

Film industry wins fight to keep incentives- The Santa Fe New Mexican

March 4

Cinema is a viable advt medium: Survey- Business Standard (India)

Blockbuster in battle to secure financing-Financial Times

The view: Should movies get second chances' - The Guardian

Cinedigm touts distribution deal with indie- The Associated Press

`Watchmen' sequel seems unlikely to some- The Associated Press

Conflict erupts inside theatrical stage employees union- LA Times

Sony reportedly to cut jobs amid slumping DVD sales- LA Times

Future of 'anime' industry in doubt- Japan Times

Piracy drives films out of African market - Reuters

March 5

Hollywood's Napster moment arrives- All Things Digital

Counter to retire-LA Times

Ala. tax breaks for productions near passage - The Associated Press

India's Congress buys rightsto 'Jai Ho'- Financial Times

Festival gives lifeline for threatened African films- NZ Herald

Jewish resistance film sparks Polish anger- The Guardian

March 6

Re-igniting the ratings debate- China Daily

Minister to promote Tony Jaa-The Nation (Thailand)

Quest for the long-lost roast duck - The Guardian

Cutting edge- The Guardian

3 studios' Epix movie channel runs into tough times- LA Times

Domesticfilms see 15% decrease at box office this year- Yonhap News

Red Menace - Forbes
Film buffs can bet on the box office - Financial Times

March 9

People at home and abroad stream to the movies- JoongAng Daily

Bollywood gets tough on DVD pirates-Today (Singapore)

Trajectories realign- The Australian

Movies with 'legs' keep industry running strong- LA Times

The buzz surrounding Mexican film-Financial Times

Hollywood pullback lifts curtain for indie filmmakers-Bloomberg News

The comfort of the cinema- National Post (Canada)

American Teen turns fact into fiction- The Guardian

Dubbed films set the box office ringing - Business Standard 9India)

March 10

Eyes on the prize: cinemas decide bigger is better- The Age

Luc Besson's growing film empire-Entertainment

Youth against tobacco advertising in films- The Colombo Times

The view: Which films show us our future'- The Guardian

'Scanlators' freely translating manga, anime-Japan Times

Movie spending jumps in B.C.-Globe And Mail (Toronto)

French government accused of 'Big Brother' tactics - The Guardian

Marvel forms International Advisory Board- Business Wire

March 11

Disney shareholders vote down two compensation proposals- LA Times

Sony Pictures cuts 350 jobs-LA Times

William Morris and Endeavor Explore a Merger- New York Times

NBC movies, TV shows available on PlayStation- The Associated Press

DreamWorks fights for funds-The Wall Street Journal

Disney's new video game at core of big bet-The Associated Press

Alberta 'movie czar' to reclassify films - Globe And Mail (Toronto)

March 12

Remember the art, forget the politics- The Guardian

Arkansas film incentives bill heads to House- The Associated Press

Embracing the Possibilities of online movies- Game-Changer

Imax 4th-quarter loss narrows as costs shrink-The Associated Press

With Icahn talks off, what's next for Lionsgate'-Digital Entertainment

Bourgeois cinema- The Japan Times

One of the best fantasies ever made- Globe And Mail (Toronto

March 13

Car boot sales crackdown among anti-piracy measures - The Guardian

Movie goers turn to cinema in tough times- Financial Times

Carl Icahn versus Lions Gate: It's war- LA Times

Hanks helpswith actor contract talks-The Associated Press

Canadian 'human surveillance machine'-Globe And Mail (Toronto)

Slumdog takes million rands in South African opening- Hindustan Times

Election Code defers film festivals in Goa- Trust Of India

Remember the art, forget the politics- The Guardian

March 16

When did movie music get so boring'- The Guardian

Headed for the chopping mall- The Guardian

Cage puts Melbourne on the film map- The Age

McGregor gay film too risque for cinema-The Times

Film-makers look east for another Slumdog Millionaire-The Times

Government outlines digital rights agency proposal- The Guardian

Tax me if you can- The Wall Street Journal

Filmmaker quits in Creative Scotland protest- Scotland On Sunday

March 17

Why don't Aussie film-makers produce more Ocker films'- The Guardian

Stormont leaders meet movie moguls- Belfast News Letter

Hollywood sees men more bankable than women- The Washington Post

Once-booming Bollywood is feeling economic pinch-The Toronto star

Which films are front-runners to win the next Oscars'- LA Times

Carmike Cinemas reports 10% Q4 cash flow increase- Business Wire

March 18

Carl Icahn offers to buy Lions Gate debt at a discount- LA Times

How many great movies got their start as a TV commercial'- LA Times

Blockbuster seeks to ease worries with 4Q report- The Associated Press

NYC-based film company plans Cleveland studio-The Associated Press

'Slumdog Millionaire' to hit Chinese screens- The Associated Press

Gazillions of gamers'- Forbes

March 19

Multiplex deadlock continues - Hindustan Times

Anatomy of an uprising- The Guardian

Lions Gate's top shareholder to take 'active' role- LA Times

States underwrite films, some in narrowest release-New York Times

No new releases in multiplexes after April- Hindustan Times

March 20

Goldman offers bid for Universal Studios Japan- The Associated Press

Big names headed to Big Easy for film projects- The Associated Press

Can 3-D save Hollywood'-The Wall Street Journal

Home-grown cinema forges ahead- The Sydney Morning Herald

Deal raises Thailand's potential as production base- Bangkok Post

March 23

Time Warner Taps Film Archive- The Wall Street Journal

Stumbling Toward Bollywood- New York Times

Director Scott gets BFI honour-BBC News

'Tintin' project brings moguls together- LA Times

March 24

Old controversies revived in new Clough film- Reuters

British film producers should look abroad- Daily Telegraph

Hollywood urges Wis. keep film incentives-The Associated Press

The trouble with multiplexes- Business Standard (India)

March 25

Vatican thinks to boycott against Angels And Demons film- The Guardian

Katzenberg: 3-D theaters rollout will quicken- The Associated Press

Clock ticking on Warner Bros. succession drama-LA Times

Blockbuster and TiVo join to deliver digital movies- New York Times

Clerics lament as Saudi films draw crowds- Financial Times

Cineplex tests two-tier 3D ticket pricing; extra for Imax- DJ Newswires

March 26

Ala. governor signs bill to give film incentives- The Associated Press

Football on film: More failure than success- The Independent

Netflix sags on Blockbuster/Tivo deal; a movie glut'-Tech Trader Daily

Movies are threatened by tax rule- The Sydney Morning Herald

Will the real Bill Clinton stand up'- The Guardian

Minister admits Scots film funding is 'unlikely'- The Herald

March 27

We'll always have Paris- The Guardian

3-D firm RealD has starring role at movie theaters- LA Times

Lions Gate takes neutral stance on Icahn offer-LA Times

Anchor Bay Entertainment moves into theatrical releases- LA Times

S. Korean film selected for Hong Kong financing project- Yonhap News

USC celebrates its 80th birthday and $175-million new digs- LA Times

Lions Gate to slash another 8% of workforce- LA Times

March 30

New subtitle service for Korean movies- JoongAng Daily

Report: China box office strong despite downturn- The Associated Press

Monsters Vs Aliens' How about The Thing Vs King Kong'-The Guardian

Redbox's $1 video rentals worry movie studios- LA Times

News Corp. to Name Digital Chief- The Wall Street Journal

Dustin to press for real sci-fi- The Australian

March 31

Filmmaker accused of $700,000 desertion- The Sydney Morning Herald

Pirate Bay could inveigle Facebook into illegal downloads- The Guardian

Disney to put some short-form content on YouTube-LA Times

Icahn fires back at Lions Gate over tender offer remarks- LA Times

Netflix ups fees for Blu-ray amid rising demand- The Associated Press

Chinese censors approve films on Nanjing carnage- The Japan Time

Bengali films feel marketing pinch- Business Standard (India)

Stopgap funding for NY film taxbreak proposed- Filmmaker Magazine