The Works International hastaken on international sales for Ed Blum's Scenesof a Sexual Nature, which will have its market debut at Cannes.

The film, written by Aschlin Ditta, follows sevencouples during a summer afternoon around London's Hampstead Heath.

Blum also produced the film, with VadimJean and Suran Goonatilake servingas executive producers.

The ensemble cast includes Ewan McGregor, Hugh Bonneville, Adrian Lester, AndrewLincoln, Eileen Atkins, Gina McKee, Sophie Okonedo,Catherine Tate, and Mark Strong.

Blumwas Bafta nominated for his short film The Last Poet and has also directed andproduced documentaries.

"My first film has been likea dream," Blum said. "I got a fantastic cast, it'sbeen less than a year since the ink dried on the script and the film's alreadyabout to make its market debut at the Cannes Film Festival. I am very happythat The Works International will be representing the film and feel sure thatthey will do a great job."