Despite a 40% dip in admissions over the last two years, a new distributor has launched in Colombia in a bid to introduce more independent cinema to the country.

Under the banner Cinemac, the new indie plans to release three to four titles a month, starting with Victor Salva's Jeepers Creepers which opened on January 17th.

Founded by Ivan Dario Macallister, former vice president of major distributor Cine Colombia and partner at independent Centauro, Cinemac aims to bring in a wide range of international films from as far afield as China, India, Thailand and Korea.

"We hope to bring in quality commercial and arthouse films from all over the world," said Cinemac managing director Ricardo Cubillos, who added that they plan to attend the American Film Market and other major international festivals and markets.

With an estimated 240+ screens servicing a population of some 40 million, Colombia is a vastly underscreened territory. Cinemac competes with major distributors and indies Centauro, Babilla, Venus Films and VO Cines for these few screens. "There's always room for good cinema, besides exhibitors like Procinal, Cinemark and other independent circuits have an insatiable appetite for films," said Cubillos.

Cinemac is also up against a 40% dip in admissions over the past two years in Colombia but Cubillos is confident that the new company will draw audiences with innovative advertising and publicity campaigns. Cinemac hopes to eventually expand its distribution reach to other countries in Latin America.