Screen goes all fanboy with the arrival of The Hobbit trailer.

For film geeks everywhere – myself included – this week might have proved a bit too much with the arrival of not just the new The Dark Knight Rises trailer, but also The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey trailer launching early this morning.

Had I not been working today, there’s every chance I would have stayed up until 3am for The Hobbit trailer to land, caught in a tormented cycle of endless refreshing, such is the regard I hold the Lord Of The Rings trilogy in. Needless to say though, YouTube was my first port of call the instant my alarm went off this morning but was it worth the wait? It pains me to say it, but not entirely.

Unlike The Dark Knight Rises trailer which, following last week’s viewing of the stunning prologue at the IMAX, makes me wish it could be July already, The Hobbit trailer left me underwhelmed. That is until the unmistakable tones of Gollum at the end that brought out the excitable fanboy in me that had previously surfaced on Monday when I caught my first glimpse of Bane blowing up Gotham football stadium.

Add into the melting pot the fact that the Prometheus trailer arrives tomorrow – perhaps a touch indulgent to have a trailer for the trailer though? – and it really is like Christmas has come early.

The funny thing is, arguably none of these films even needed a trailer; the respective franchises inspire such hardcore followings – of which I am unashamedly part of – that nothing would have stopped fans being in line on the opening days (Prometheus – June 1, TDKR – July 20, Hobbit – Dec 14) even if the trailers weren’t enticing enough.

Still, two minutes more footage of each film than I had last week is undeniably welcome and if somehow a new Avengers trailer comes before the end of the year – unlikely though it is – I think I might just explode with excitement, metaphorically at least.

The Olympics? Pah. 2012 is the year of the geek for me.