THINKFilm has taken worldrights on Lie With Me, the thirdfeature from Toronto filmmaker Clement Virgo.

The film, adapted for thescreen by Virgo and Tamara Faith Berger from her debut novel, began principalphotography yesterday in Toronto. Virgo and his Damon D'Oliveira are producing throughtheir Conquering Lions Pictures. THINKFilm will release the film in NorthAmerican next year and is selling the rest of the world.

Described as brazenlypornographic, the story follows two attractive young people who have avoidedconventional relationships in favour of casual and daring sex. When they meet, they must deal with thepossibility of falling in love.

The film stars two emergingtalents: Eric Balfour (Curtis Hanson's upcoming In Her Shoes and Be Cool, the sequel to Get Shorty)and Lauren Lee Smith (who has appeared in the hit TV series The "L" Word, episodes of which Virgo has directed). Also featuredare Polly Shannon, Kate Lynch, Kristin Lehman and DonFrancks.

In a statement,THINKFilm head of theatrical distribution Mark Urman compared the script withBernardo Bertolucci's Last Tango In Paris in its exploration of human sexuality. Virgo said that histwo leads "are poised to break out" anddeclared that "this project will boost them to the next level."

Virgo's otherfilms are Love Come Down and Rude.