Independent distributor ThinkFilm has signed a US videodistribution deal with New Line Home Entertainment.

Among the first titles to be released on DVD and VHS under the newpartnership will be Stephen Fry's British period drama Bright Young Thingsand Bayambasuren Davaa and Luigi Falorni's German-Mongolian documentary TheStory Of The Weeping Camel.

Though the deal will not necessarily cover all ThinkFilm titles,Randy Manis, the company's senior vice president of acquisitions and businessaffairs, described it as "ongoing".

Two additional titles are being prepared for DVD launch throughNew Line Home Entertainment: rockumentary Festival Express and JonathanDemme's Haitian civil rights documentary The Agronomist.

ThinkFilm has its own video label, Velocity Home Entertainment,which handles made-for-DVD titles and some smaller theatrical projects. Up tonow it has licensed bigger theatrical releases on a case-by-case basis tovarious studios' video divisions.

"But we were looking for more of a home and New Line is it," Manissaid, adding that the deal will allow ThinkFilm to get acquisitions into the USDVD market more quickly.