North American distributorTHINKFilm is partnering with the online lifestyle portal to promoteits upcoming Beastie Boys concert film Awesome; I Fuckin' Shot That.

The process began prior toSundance, when MySpace users were invited to make a music video for one of twoBeastie Boys songs - "Sabotage" and "Shake Your Rump". The winner attended thepicture's world premiere on Saturday at the festival.

Beyond that there will be aweek-long promotion on the portal prior to the North American release throughTHINKFilm on Mar 31. Users will get the chance to attend regional premieres andmake a podcast with band members. The DVD release in July will be supportedthrough similar promotions.

Arts body GenArt is alsoparticipating in the scheme, and along with THINK and MySpace will host anevent at Sundance on Jan 23 featuring a live performance by the band.

MySpace has fostered a vastonline community and figures prominently in the plans of a new teen and youngadult-focused creative content division launched by its News Corp stablemateFox Filmed Entertainment. The new division, headed up by Fox Searchlight chiefPeter Rice, aims to create online content as well as producing and acquiring upto eight films this year.