UK films Canned

While Bridget Jones conquered America, Cannes could not find a UK film worthy of selection. Has British film-making sold its soul for the sake of a few dollars more'

News Focus

Set me free

"Handcuffing us in how we do business is ridiculous in this day and age." How Hollywood agents are struggling to throw off their shackles and repel the advance of the talent managers

News Focus


"Go into any pub in Cologne and you will meet people from the industry." How North Rhine-Westphalia reinvented itself as a hub for international film-making


Lionising Daniel

"If it were up to me, I would tell stories about Jews all my life." Daniel Burman on life, Judaism and riding the Argentinian New Wave

Case Study

Teenage quandary

How Christine Jeffs overcame the qualms of financiers to take a tale of teenage girlhood all the way to Directors' Fortnight at Cannes