Three European companies were awarded tributes at the closing event of Cartoon Movie, the forum dedicated to European animation feature films, which took place in the Babelsberg studios from 14 to 16 March.

Of the seven nominees, the three winning companies were selected for being major initiatives or success stories.

Cinelibre - Cineart (Belgium) - For the Best Distribution of European Animation Films
Over the last two years, Cinelibre-Cineart has distributed 13 European animated features, including Becassine, Le Tresor Viking, Chicken Run and La Gabianella & Il Gatto

Rothkirch/Cartoon-Film (Germany) - For their Global Development Strategy.
An agreement was negotiated with Warner Bros for the national and international distribution of Tobias Totz and The Little Polar Bear.

Terraglyph (Ireland) - For the Best European Cooperation Policy.
Recent collaborations include Carnivale with Millimages, Help! I'm a Fish with A.Film, and Moby Dick: The Legend Returns with Trixter Film GmbH.