Hong Kong-based production company Three Dragons Films is launching sales on Gobi Desert-set drama Badanhelan at the EFM.

The $1m film is written and directed by Hong Kong-born Jonathan Sawon, who recently returned to China after a stint working in film and TV production in the US. The story follows a group of tourists who take a trip to the Gobi Desert, each with their own agenda, and end up becoming stranded when their tour guide has an accident.

Sawon shot the film on Red cameras in the Gobi Desert last October using a mixture of Chinese, Hong Kong and Mongolian cast and crew. The film was mostly shot in Mandarin with a small amount of Mongolian dialogue.

“The style of story-telling is more Western than Chinese and there are lots of twists and turns in the story,” Sawon said.

The film was financed by a trio of Chinese businessmen and produced by Three Dragons’ Wallace Li and Allen Gui Henglun.