Spanish animation released by Warner Bros has already grossed $11.7m in its native country and ruled the box office for the last three weekends.

The adventures of Tadeo Jones, a man who dreams of being Indiana Jones and goes on an adventure, has conquered Spanish audiences. So far, more than 1.3m film-goers have enjoyed the local animation film since its release on Aug 31.

Director Enrique Gato introduced Jones in two short films that earned Goya Awards in 2006 and 2008. Tad, The Lost Explorer follows the adventures of an ordinary man who dreams about being an archeologist and travels to Peru to find a lost city. Humour and a lot of action are the key ingredients in the child-oriented production.

The success marks a big hit for Telecinco Cinema (The Impossible, Cell 211), El Toro Pictures (Lope), Lightbox Entertainment, Iriku Films, Telefónica Producciones and Media Networks with the participation of Intereconomía, Mediaset España, AXN, TVC and Canal Plus.

Tad, The Explorer opened last weekend in China, traditionally a very difficult territory for Spanish films. The film opened in 2,500 theatres all over the country including 68 in Beijing.

Coming up are wide releases in Russia, South Korea and the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Holland and Turkey and the rest of the world.