Three feature films have been greenlighted after receiving funding from the Swedish Film Institute (SFI).

One of Sweden's most popular TV comedy production outfits, Killingganget, will celebrate its ten-year anniversary by making its first feature film. The as yet untitled film, was awarded $668,000 (SEK 6m) from film commissioner Lena Hansson Varhegyi of the SFI. It is being directed by Tomas Alfredson and produced by SVT Fiktion, the drama department of Swedish broadcaster SVT. Its theatrical release is planned for September 2003.

SFI's Danish film commissioner Per Nielsen gave production subsidies to two new feature films. Break Even will be written, directed and produced by John O. Olsson, who is better known as a cinematographer. The film tells the story of celebrity director Gustav Osterman who travels to Russia to work out a partnership deal for a major international project. The film received $334,000 (SEK 3m) from the SFI.

Little Miss Norway (Lilla Fröken Norge) is the story about 8-year-old Lotte and her father who move in with Kristin, a former beauty queen, and her daughter Vendela. The film is to be directed by Hilde Heier and produced by Peter Holthausen of Filmhaus Lagnö AB. The SFI has allocated $143,000 (SEK 1.285m) to the film.