The line-up for the 24th editionof the Turin Film Festival (November 10-18) includes a feature film competitiondedicated to first and second works with a $26,000 (Euro 20,500) prize.

The competition features internationaltitles from Algeria, Lebanon, Italy, USA, Spain, the Philippines, Japan, China,Iran, and Kazakhstan.

The titles include world premieres from Italy'sMauro Santini (Flor Da Baixa), Filipino directorBrillante Mendoza (Manoro/The Teacher) and China'sXia Peng (Pleasures Of Ordinary)

The event kicks off with Clint Eastwood's FlagsOf Our Fathers on Friday.

This year's out-of-competition titlesinclude Raoul Ruiz' Klimt, Pan's Labyrinth by Guillermo Del Toro (who will be present in Turin) and ScreamOf The Ants by Iranian director Mohsen Makhmalbaf.

The Americana sidebar features the secondedition of The Masters of Horror , with manydirectors on hand in Turin with their films.

Dario Argento and Asia Argento (currentlyin Turin filming finishing the Mother Of Tearstrilogy) will be present in Turin with Pelts aswill John Landis with Family.

The Western is the second genre to be fetedin the Americana sidebar with director Walter Hill bringing his film BrokenTrail.

Director Mary Harron is also expected inTurin with her film The Notorious Bettie Page slottinginto the Americana side bar.

Turin's otherside bar called Detoursshowcases short and feature length docs and fiction works.

A 30-picture retrospective to RobertAldrich features Aldrich's The Emperor Of The North Pole with Ernest Borgnine and Keith Carradine, who starred in the 1973picture, in attendance in Turin. The retrospective will be repeated at the FilmForum in New York early in 2007.

Sixty works will make up the festival's secondretrospective in collaboration with the Cinematheque Francaise dedicated toClaude Chabrol who has confirmed his presence in Turin.

The third retrospective featurestwenty-three films by Catalan director Joaquim Jorda who was posthumously awarded the PremioNacional de Cinematografia in Spain earlier this year.

Turin's two tributes focus on 1960-70's eraNew York 'sexploitation' director Joseph Sarno who will be present in Turin.The retrospective is to be shared with Paris-based Cinematheque Francaise.

A separate tribute will be made to aleading figure in Italian underground cinema, Piero Bargellini, also active inthe 1960s and 1970s.

The fest also hosts three smaller scalecompetition slots: Doc 2006 dedicated to documentaries takes a $12,800 (Euro10,000) prize and two $3,200 (Euro 2,500) prizes -- Persol sponsors bothprizes.

The Spazio Italia section is dedicated todeconstructionist short works and comes with a $3,300 (Euro 2,600) prize forbest film and $4,900 (Euros 3,850) in technical services.

The winner of the Spazio Turin competition(dedicated to low or no budget films made in the Turin Piedmont region) willtake home $5,100 (Euros 4,000) in technical services.

Kodak will give $3,800 (Euros 3,000) infilm to the best Italian short.