Larry Kassanoff's Threshold Entertainment has started production on a $50m CGI animated movie set in a supermarket called Foodfight! through its subsidiary Threshold Digital Research Labs (TDRL). The difference with this film, however, is that it will be produced by animators - and feature consumer brands - from around the world.

Threshold has raised equity financing for the picture from investment capital from Korean animation company Natural Image. TDRL will head up the 3D digital production from its Los Angeles headquarters, using its global network of animators.

In addition, the film has secured the exclusive rights to use products and character icons in the film from virtually all the biggest consumer products companies in the world including Procter & Gamble. Products and brands specific to various countries will be alternated in order to customise the film for a worldwide audience. Deals for toys, games, video games and merchandise are being negotiated.

The film shows what really happens in the supermarket at night when the lights go out and all the people leave. Product icons come alive and head for the hottest club in town, the Copabanana. Among the branded characters in the film are Mr Clean, Twinkie The Kid, Charlie The Tuna, Aunt Jemima and new characters like Dex Detective and Daredevil Dan.

Threshold chairman and CEO Larry Kasanoff said that Foodfight! was the first movie for a worldwide audience which was customised for each country.

Kasanoff himself is directing the film and is producing with Alison Savitch. He also conceived the story with Joshua Wexler. Wexler will executive produce with George Johnsen; Daniel Suh and Gregory Cascante will co-executive produce. The screenplay is by Brent V Friedman and Rebecca Swanson.