The Danish Film Institute has shelled out $2.2m (DKK13.1m)in production support for two new local thrillers that begin shooting inOctober.

Nordisk Film received $900,000 for their production of AakeSandgren's $1.7m Fluerne Paa Vaeggen(literally: The Flies On The Wall),which is made under Nordisk's low-budget Director's Cut label in collaborationwith broadcaster TV2/Denmark.

Sandgren also wrote the script and produces the thrillerwith Thomas Heinesen. It follows an acclaimed documentary film-maker who getsinvolved with the mayor of the city she is making a film about, but both he andthe city have something to hide.

The cast is led by Trine Dyrholm (In Your Hands) and Lars Brygmann (Stealing Rembrandt) as well as Kurt Ravn and Henrik Prip. It is theSwedish-born Sandgren's first film since his 2001 Dogme-film TrulyHuman. He has been developing theDirector's Cut concept for Nordisk Film ever since, and has produced the firstfilms made under the label, Move Me and Reconstruction.

Meanwhile, the people behind last year's popular dramacomedy Stealing Rembrandt - producerThomas Gammeltoft, writer-director Jannik Johansen and screenwriter AndersThomas Jensen - have linked again for dark thriller Murk(Moerke). It follows a man investigatingthe circumstances surrounding his sister's death on her wedding night.

The $3.2m Fine & Mellow Productions' project is acollaboration with the UK's Birdpic and has Hanne Palmquist, Mike Downey andZorana Piggott as co-producers.

Apart from $1.3m support from the Danish Film Institute,other backers include regional fund The West Danish Film Fund and the DanishBroadcasting Corp/DR.

The cast is headed by Nikolaj Lie Kaas (Brothers) and Nicolas Bro (Stealing Rembrandt) as well as Laerke Winther Andersen, Laura Drasbaekand Lotte Bergstroem.

Nordisk Film International Sales handle international salesof both films, and Nordisk Film will distribute them in Scandinavia.