Tokyo International Film Festival’s contents market TIFFCOM (October 23-25) has announced the participants and partners for its reworked projects market.

19 projects from Japan, Korea, Europe and other territories have been selected to participate in the second edition of the market since its overhaul last year.

This year TIFF partners with ACE (Ateliers du Cinéma Européen) to introduce five projects as part of the newly established ACE co-production lab, running concurrently from October 23-26. The lab will bring together European and Japanese producers for a four-day workshop with presentations, pitch sessions and networking events.

TIFFCOM also continues its partnership with KOFIC, introducing five projects from Korea, including Hur Jin-ho’s upcoming The Last Princess. Four domestic projects will join as well as entries from the US, China, Indonesia and New Zealand.

Last year’s new talent project, Kyoko Miyake’s post-Fukushima disaster documentary Beyond The Wave, won a TIFFCOM project development support grant and subsequently found co-production partners at NHK, BBC and from other territories.

As previously reported TIFFCOM moves from Roppongi to a larger venue at the Odaiba waterfront district for its 9th edition.

TIFFCOM 2012 Projects:

Japanese Projects:

A Letter from Russia - dir: Yoshinari NISHIKORI, prod: Tadashi SATO

3:00 - dir: Takako MIYAHIRA, prod: Takako MIYAHIRA

Anima - dir: Gaspard KUENTZ, prod: Koji TSUJIMOTO

Cavity Express - dir: Kenji MUTOH, prod: Manami FUKAWA

KOFIC Projects:

Love History - dir TBD, prod: Jung-wan OH

The Pianist of Northland - dir: Young-nam KIM, prod: Sean SHIN

JL351, Current Location, Pyeongyang Airport!! - dir: Yoo-hwan PARK, prod: Kyung-hee LEE

The Last Princess - dir: Jin-ho HUR, prod: Jin-young SHIN

House of the Killers - dir: Young-mi LEE, prod: Soo-jung HA

International Projects:

Cocktail Party - dir/prod: Regge LIFE (US)

Chaipan - Love cake from China- dir: Ryuji OTSUKA, prod: Hsiao-ming HSU (China)

The Fandom Diary - dir: Mouly SURYA, prod: Rama ADI (Indonesia)

Time Difference - dir: Nancy SAVOCA, prod: Gonzalo ROBLEDO (Spain)

Missu Peace - dir TBD, prod: Maile DAUGHERTY (New Zealand)

ACE Projects:

My Name is Hmmm - dir: Agnes TROUBLE, prod: Christophe AUDEGUIS (France)

Centaur - dir: Aktan Arym KUBAT, prod: Cedomir KOLAR (France)

Kokoro - dir: Vanja d’ALCANTARA, prod: Denis DELCAMPE (Belgium)

Tokyo Torshavn - dir: Soren KRAGH-JACOBSEN, prod: Lars Bredo RAHBEK (Denmark)

Baby- dir: Kei ISHIKAWA, prod: Weronika CZOLNOWSKA (Poland)