At the 6th Asian Film Market, Japanese sales company Toei has sold the Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) Midnight Passion title Hard Romanticker to Joy & Contents Group for South Korea and to Sundream for Hong Kong.

Hard Romanticker is a story about a Gu, a second-generation Korean living life on the edge in the Japanese town of Shimonoseki, brimming with fights, sex, and hard drugs. Led by a sense of hard romance and searching out a sort of future for himself, Gu gets caught up in uproars and sometimes runs rampant himself.

Based on his own debut novel of the same title, Hard Romanticker is directed by Gu Suyeon, whose other writing and directing credits include Worst By Chance.

Hard Romanticker stars Shota Matsuda with Kenta Nagayama, Tokio Emoto and Kaname Endo.

Toei Company wrapped the film’s last deal this morning on the market’s closing day (Oct 13).

International sales manager Tadayuki Okubo said of the set-up in the Busan Exhibition Convention Center (BEXCO), the market’s new venue, “For sellers and buyers, it became easier to meet up and find out who is where.”

He continued to say that “The market itself is still a bit slow and quiet as we will soon have TIFFCOM and AFM” where he expects to close more deals.