Toho has announced the production of Seoul, a Japan-Korea co-production with all-Korean locations and a budget of one billion yen ($8.1 million) -- nearly double the budgets of the Korean mega-hits Shiri and JSA.

The film, which starts production on July 20, stars Japanese TV heartthrob Tomoya Nagase and Korean star Choi Min-shik (Shiri, Happy End, The Quiet Family) as two detectives whose personalities initially clash, but end up uniting to fight a major criminal gang through the streets of Seoul.

Director, Masahiko Nagasawa, who produced the Korean hit Love Letter, released his first film, Koko ni Iru Koto (I'm Here) in Japan in June. The cinematographer is Hideo Yamamoto, whose credits include the smash-hit thriller Whiteout. Shooting will wrap, after two months, and a simultaneous release in Japan and Korea is set for next spring.