Tokuma International has moved quickly to capitalise on the intense heat surrounding Japanese director Kiyoshi Kurosawa, following the acclaimed Un Certain regard screening of his Pulse (aka Kairo).

Tokuma is to handle world sales on his next directorial effort, an untitled drama about the uneasy relationship between two men. The film will be produced by Uplink on a $2m budget wity Tokuma sister company Studio Ghibli at the end of this year or in early 2002. Tokuma expects to quickly find pre-sale buyers and co-production partners.

'The film is still in the development stages at the moment and while we know where it begins, Kiyosahi Kurosawa could still take it any one of a number of directions,' said Haruyo Moriyoshi, sales representative at Studio Ghibli. 'One thing he has promised is that it will not repeat the horror genre,' said Tokuma international manager, Mikiko Takeda.

Pulse went beyond most fright fests in not only creating a coherent, and creepy world view, but also asked unsettling questions about the limits - and perils - of technology.

One unnamed US studio buyer said of the prolific Kiyoshi Kurosawa: 'Hollywood will be all over him after Pulse screens. He is probably the most significant emerging talent in Asia at the moment.'