The Tokyo International FilmFestival has announced the launch of an ambitious two-tiered marketaimed at becoming a meeting place for the Asian contents industry.

The Japan Contents Fair(JCF) will be held from October 22-24, and will focus on film, animation, TV,video games, music, and DVD, including eventstargeted at ordinary consumers.

The Tokyo International Film& Contents Market (TIFCOM), held from October 25-27 in Roppongi Hills, willprovide industry professionals with an event more focused on film andanimation. Organisers hope to securethe participation of 100 companies from around the world.

A liaison booth willco-ordinate the two events, and participants in one market will be given a freebooth in the other.

From 2005, other marketsspecialising in video games, publications, and music are planned to operatealongside TIFCOM.

The festival proper isscheduled to hold its 17th edition from October