The VeniceFilm Festival's recent Italian Kings of the B Movies retrospective willbe featured in the upcoming Tokyo Filmex Festival (Nov 26-30), which isorganised by Takeshi Kitano's production and distribution outfit, OfficeKitano.

The Venicesidebar features 20-25 restored Italian genre movies, and is part of a wider4-year film restoration project which is being supported by the Venice Biennaleand the Fondazione Prada, under the label 'Storia Segreta del CinemaItaliano' (Secret History of Italian Cinema).

Titlesthat will travel to the 5th edition of the Tokyo Filmex Festival includeFerdinando Di Leo's I Padroni della Citta (1976) and Enzo G.

Castellari's Quel Maledetto Treno Blindato (1977).

During his stay in Venice, Quentin Tarantino, who was oneof the 'godfathers' of the retrospective, announced his intention toshoot a remake of Castellari's film in the near future.

Meanwhile,the Biennale announced that next year, the Venice Film Festival expects topresent a retrospective on the 'Secret History of Asian Cinema.'