The Tokyo Project Gathering,a new section of the Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF), has announcedthe full list of twenty projects to be presented at the TIFF's main venue fromOct 26 to 28.

Six of the titles are"presentation projects", meaning that the producer will make thirty-minutepresentations to prospective partners, followed by meetings. These include ElleIs Burning, a big-budget action movie about a battle between illegals andthe Tokyo police, to be produced and directed by Kenta Fukasaku,the son of famed action director Kinji Fukasaku who completed his father's lastfilm, Battle Royale 2.

Another is N.Y. Salad - VegetableFairies, a 3D CG animation that tells a modern fairy-tale based onillustrations by Yoshitaka Amano, character designer and image illustrator onthe Final Fantasy game series.

The remaining sixteen are "catalogueprojects", to be presented in a catalogue with information about the story,talent and state of financing. These include SOS! Tokyo Metro Explorers 2006,a 3D CG film based on a comic by Katsuhiro Otomo about a boy who explores thehidden mysteries of undergound Tokyo. It will be made by the staff of Otomo'sanimated feature Steamboy.

Another is MidnightOrgans, a horror film by Hiroki Yamaguchi (Hellevator, BottledFools) about a man who takes part in a clinical test for a large sum ofmoney. Still another is Madam Hanako, a period drama produced by ShinyaKawai (Love Letter, Ring) about a Japanese actress who, in theearly 20th century, takes Europe by storm.

The Tokyo Project Gathering,which is sponsored by the Visual Industry Promotion Organization (VIPO), willpresent not only feature films, but a wide variety of contents projects,including animation, comics, games and character goods. It is being organisedunder the auspices of TIFFCOM 2005, a three-day market to be held inconjunction with TIFF.